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Welcome to Micallef Plastic Surgery, where you'll find the expertise of Dr. Christopher J. Micallef, a double board-certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. Our commitment to comprehensive cosmetic excellence is exemplified by the Hercules Procedure. With us, you can achieve the sculpted and rejuvenated physique you desire.

What is the Hercules Procedure?

The Hercules Procedure is a specialized body contouring technique designed to help individuals achieve a well-proportioned and sculpted physique. This innovative procedure is ideal for those who have found that traditional exercise, dieting, and regular gym routines don't always yield the desired results.

Unlike traditional methods, Dr. Micallef offers this procedure to allow individuals to define exactly how they want to look, whether it's a more chiseled chest and shoulders, a narrower waist, defined six-pack abs, or enhanced buttocks.

The Hercules Procedure combines three cutting-edge body contouring techniques:

  • Ab Etching: In this technique, fat tissues are carefully removed from between the abdominal muscles, revealing a well-defined six-pack. Ab etching helps patients achieve a chiseled and ripped look, with thermal energy used to further tighten the skin.
  • Fat Grafting: Fat grafting involves the transfer of healthy fat cells harvested during high-definition liposuction to specific muscle groups, such as the chest, thighs, or arms. These transferred fat tissues gradually integrate with the muscle structure, making the muscles appear larger and more prominent.
  • High-Definition Liposuction (HD Liposuction): This precise and strategic liposuction method targets specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, back, and more. It involves the strategic removal of unwanted fat tissues to highlight underlying muscles, and thermal and ultrasound energy are used to tighten the skin, resulting in a more defined appearance.
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The Benefits of the Hercules Procedure

The Hercules Procedure, incorporating high-definition liposuction, ab etching, and fat grafting, offers a comprehensive solution for body sculpting. Its benefits include:

  • Minimally Invasive: This procedure minimizes invasiveness, resulting in smaller incisions and reduced scarring.
  • Highly Personalized: Patients have complete control over their body's appearance, allowing them to achieve their desired physique.
  • Precise Fat Removal: Unwanted fat pockets in specific areas are meticulously targeted and removed.
  • Skin Tightening: The use of thermal and ultrasound energy helps tighten the skin, creating a more defined look.
  • Muscle Enhancement: Fat grafting adds volume to muscle groups, enhancing their appearance.
  • Confidence Boost: Achieving a more sculpted and defined physique often leads to increased self-confidence.
  • Reduced Allergy Risk: Since the procedure uses the patient's own fat, there's a lowered risk of allergic reactions.
  • Minimal Post-Treatment Recovery: Patients can typically resume daily activities within a short period.
  • Customizable Goals: Patients can define their goals and expectations for their ideal body shape.
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Is the Hercules Procedure Right for Me?

The Hercules Procedure, which incorporates high-definition liposuction, ab etching, and fat grafting, is ideally suited for individuals who seek precise control over their body's aesthetics. This procedure is well-suited for those with stubborn fat deposits, desire a highly sculpted physique, or aim to enhance specific muscle groups such as the chest, arms, or buttocks. Candidates for the Hercules Procedure should be in good overall health, close to their target weight, and have realistic expectations about the outcome. Dr. Micallef carefully tailors this procedure to individual goals, ensuring each patient achieves their desired body shape with a minimally invasive and highly personalized approach.

The Hercules Procedure Process What to Expect

Before the procedure, you'll have a thorough consultation with Dr. Micallef to discuss your aesthetic goals and expectations. Together, you'll create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific desires.

The procedure starts with high-definition liposuction, targeting specific areas of your body with unwanted fat deposits. Dr. Micallef strategically extracts precise fat tissues from regions like the abdominals, thighs, back, and more. Through this meticulous fat removal process, he highlights the underlying musculature, accentuating your body's contours.

This is followed by ab etching, during which Dr. Micallef delicately removes fat tissues situated between your abdominal muscles. This precise technique reveals the sculpted, six-pack appearance you desire. Thermal energy is applied to tighten your skin, contributing to a chiseled and well-defined look.

The final step involves fat grafting to add volume to targeted muscle groups like the chest, thighs, or arms. Healthy fat cells, harvested during high-definition liposuction, are purified and skillfully injected into these muscle areas.

Over time, these transferred fat tissues integrate with your existing musculature, creating a larger and more defined muscle appearance.

This comprehensive procedure offers you complete control over your physique, allowing you to define the exact look you desire. Dr. Chamata's expertise and innovative approach ensure that each step of the Hercules Procedure is executed with precision, providing you with the sculpted and contoured figure you've always dreamed of.

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Hercules Procedure Recovery

After Dr. Micallef completes your Hercules Procedure in San Antonio, you can anticipate a relatively smooth recovery process. Dr. Christopher J. Micallef ensures minimal post-treatment discomfort and a quick return to your daily activities.

In the days following the procedure, you may experience some mild swelling and bruising, but these effects typically subside within a week or two. Wearing compression garments as recommended will aid in reducing swelling and promoting a smoother recovery.

You can generally return to work and light activities within one to two weeks, while more strenuous exercises and activities may be resumed gradually after several weeks. As time progresses, the results will continue to improve, revealing a chiseled, well-contoured physique that reflects your defined goals and expectations.

This holistic approach to body sculpting, offered exclusively by Dr. Micallef, not only enhances your physical appearance but also elevates your overall confidence, allowing you to embrace your renewed appearance with pride.

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Why Choose Micallef Plastic Surgery?

With double board-certification and a passion for helping patients achieve their desired physiques, Dr. Micallef offers a personalized approach to the Hercules Procedure that ensures your goals and expectations are met. Our dedication to excellence, combined with a focus on your overall well-being, means that when you choose us, you're choosing a transformative experience that enhances both body and confidence. Take the first step towards your new, sculpted self by scheduling your consultation now. Your journey to a more defined, confident you starts here.

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